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An illustration by Tove Jansson for Alice in Wonderland



Described to me on my arrival in Russia as a “country house” but more like an allotment with a posh shed, dachas can be found on the outskirts of every city. Given as a gift to most Russians during the Soviet period, a dacha is not only a place to take refuge from the city heat during the summer, but also a great source of food (my friends tell me that at one point during the 90’s the only thing they ate was what they could grow on their dacha). Of course, there are many dachas today built from brick with plumbing and a sauna, but the majority of them remain as they were 30 years ago- built from hand with whatever material was available at the time and with no real amenities other than access to a well.

More Marta Wakula-Mac

More Marta Wakula-Mac

Finally got into town today to visit a wonderful print exhibition at Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin. The prints on display are by three leading contemporary printmakers Elke Thönnes, Margaret Tuffy and Marta Wakula-Mac. Thonnes prints are crisply graceful; Tuff’s prints so delicately stirring; and Wakula-Mac’s pieces are joyfully, brightly wrought, scratchily rejoicing in imperfectly beautiful bodies. 

Frances van Velzen 26 June 2014

Seaside weeds

Beach treasure


Classical Spring - Galileo Chini


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"Imposing Walrus"

by Teevee, Ningokuluk. Canadian Inuit Printmaker.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Ghost Photographs by Angela Deane

With her genius ghost photographs, Angela Deane explores the beautiful, painful, and ultimately puzzling, human condition of having memories.

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Nadeesha Godamunne (Sri Lankan, resides New Zealand) - Naomi, 2011     Portraitures 

Just a tiny sample of some of the absolutely stunning work by LSAD graduates at the opening of their degree show yesterday. So inspired by the work, congratulations to all the artists. The Graduate Show will be open to the public from Tuesday June 3rd to Sunday June 8th from 9.30am-4.30pm daily at Limerick School of Art and Design, Clare Street, Limerick.